Cammy and John at Westminster 2010
Fees for Handling and Boarding

Other Terms and Conditions:

1. All owners will be notified of the results with their dog at the completion of each weekend via e-mail or telephone call.
2. If a dog is to be boarded for handling purposes, a $200.00 deposit will be required.
3. Airport charge to pick up or deliver is $75.00.
4. A special fee may be charged for a dog if excessive grooming or conditioning is required when it enters the kennel.
5. All veterinarian charges will be billed monthly at cost.
6. An entry fee service charge will be $2.00 per entry above entry fee and entry service charges.
7. Camron Priest will bill the dog’s owner on the last day of each month. If payment is not received by the 15th of the               following month, a 15% late charge will be added to the unpaid balance each month.
8. All checks for handling, boarding and entry fees should be made payable to Camron Priest.
9. If client indicates that dog will be entered at shows and then does not enter, the owner will be billed for normal amount                  of handling fees if they did not notify Camron Priest of the change of plans at least 3 days prior to the closing of entries.
10.The handler will be permitted to use his discretion when he has two client dogs for Winners, Group, or Best in Show.
11.Grooming fees may be charged to clients with breeds that require an excessive amount of time bathing, stripping or                  trimming. These fees will be quoted depending on the breed and the amount of time required.
12.In case handler cannot make the ring, a qualified handler will take the said dog into the ring.
13.Camron Priest will provide a monthly bill listing each charge rendered by show and dog; however, if there are any questions,                      notify us promptly, so that any discrepancies can be resolved.
14.Owner agrees handler shall not be responsible for illness, death or loss of dog unless by handler’s negligence.
15.All accounts have a credit limit of $1,000.00. Once any of this amount is past due; it is our discretion if your dog gets                  shown.
16.For any non-sufficient checks a $25.00 service charge as well as any bank charges will be added to your account.
17.Any account turned over for collection will be charged all court costs, legal fees and collection fees.
18.All clients’ dogs that reside with me (full-time dogs) always have preferred status at shows over ringside or part-time                   clients.
19.A permanent record for each client must be signed and be accompanied by the rate sheet, contract, and limited                          power of attorney must be on file with Camron Priest before he can show your dog or take possession of your dog.
20.A first time veterinarian appointment may be made and billed to the owner for each dog being brought into the kennel                   for his/her career.
21.If you desire an exclusive for your breed, such that I cannot exhibit any other class dogs or specials, an additional fee                  will apply.
22.This is a legal and binding contract in Pickaway County, Ohio 


Class Rate   $55

Boarding/training     $10/day
Food/vet bills/incidentals              billed at cost

Long term Boarding (more than a week)-   Call